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Organizational Transformation: People & Culture Assessment

Organizational Transformation: People & Culture Assessment


All transformations require reimagining how you want to work. It is a cultural disruption that requires learning, experimentation, and a change in mindset. This is hard to do, which is why most organizations struggle to do it well. There is no easy answer; however, with the learnings gathered through decades of experience we have identified four areas where an organization must innovate to shift and thrive through a transformation: values & culture, design, talent, and leadership. With this information, we have created this tool to support organizational transformations. By assessing these areas, we can better understand where an organization sits on the innovation spectrum and provide recommendations for a path forward. We understand transformation is hard, so this tool is designed to help provide focus and clarity on the journey toward creating a culture innovation.  

Genuine transformation happens at every level. While not required, it is highly encouraged that three people directly impacted by the transformation from three different levels of your organization (i.e. C-Suite, Middle Management, and Customer facing) complete the assessment for the most clear results.


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